Welcome to Straven Court Venue

Straven Court offers a reception venue which can accommodate for guest lists of up to 450 people.

Straven Court is located on a family farm in the stunning Baynesfield District, between Pietermaritzburg and Richmond. With breathtaking views of the Baynesfield valley, a beautiful country garden and a large wooden deck on which to enjoy a drink and the sunset, the idyllic venue provides the perfect scene for a memorable celebration.

The venue, which is built on an old tennis court, was originally erected to provide a location for the farm owner’s daughter’s wedding. However, as a result of the success and beauty of the wedding, and numerous positive reports from the guests, the venue has been opened to the public in the hope that many other couples may enjoy the beauty of the venue and its surroundings.

A charming rustic barn, which has been restored and renovated, can be used for ceremonies.

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